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About Container Drayage

Pro-formance Intermodal Inc is an expert in intermodal drayage and can seamlessly and carefully truck all of your container shipments from port to door, or via rail across North America. We offer competitive prices for trucking services, container transport, excellent customer care as well as synchronized coordination for our customers’ containers. We offer local drayage services to the Calgary & Edmonton. We provide long haul drayage to meet our customer’s needs. We service Western Canada – British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Our terminals are strategically located close to the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific railway ramps.


Ability to scale to meet your needs 
Specialists in temperature sensitive goods
Service throughout Western Canada
Local and inland container drayage to Western Canada
Genset chassis fleet service for both 20′ and 40′ reefer containers
Step-deck and double drop deck services available for OOG containers
150+ brand new company owned Drayage Truck fleet.
550+ container chassis and specialized equipment
Dynamic GPS tracking and real-time dispatch
Cross-docking and integrated trans-loading
Industry-leading computerized container and cargo inventory control and tracking systems
container drayage services

container drayage services

Refrigerated or Dry

We are proud to play an essential role in the food chain industry. We specialize in reefer container export for meat and produce & import container with temperature sensitive requirements. You can trust us to keep your freight heated, dry, cold, or frozen with our tracking technology, which gives us the ability to ensure the goods are at the correct temperature during transport. The key to moving fresh freight is understanding that perishable goods require an extra level of care, which our team has been providing for years.

For Importers: Pro-formance can transfer and assemble containers at our off-dock terminal so that their delivery can be timed to suit customers’ needs. At our terminal, we aim to achieve a 15-minute turnaround time for all truck traffic.

For Exporters: Pro-formance can provide pre-assigned empty container numbers for bookings, receive customers’ shipments at our off-dock terminal in advance and then deliver them to the rail to match vessel ERD receiving windows.

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I also understand and permit Pro-Formance Intermodal Inc to obtain any previous history of all pre screening results of any testing I have on file from my previous employers.  

I also understand that Pro-Formance Intermodal Inc may extract and submit information about my pre employment testing results to The Clearinghouse as per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration  (FMCSA) drug and alcohol program. (The Clearinghouse will contain records of violations of drug and alcohol prohibitions in 49 CFR Part 382, Subpart B, including positive drug or alcohol test results and test refusals)