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Container Rent or Lease


Pro-formance has contracts with major shiplines to store containers.

Pro-formance Intermodel is pleased to announce that we have a new storage yard for ocean, Intermodal, moving storage, or leased containers located in Calgary & Edmonton

container rental calgary


Pro-formance provides secured, air-tight and pest-proof shipping containers on rent at competitive prices. If you need a container for a shorter span of time, then renting the container from us would be a viable business option. Our rental terms and payment are quite easy and transparent, this makes renting a better option. It works ideal for your temporary needs.

Why renting shipping containers from Pro-formance is an ideal decision?

container calgary

Better cost-feasibility

Rental cost is a short-term expense and makes sense if one is handling the business for third parties. In such scenarios, it offers better cost feasibility and can be accounted for separately from project to project.
container rental calgary

Vandalism Protection

We offer vandalism protection on rental containers which gives our customers peace of mind from any vandalism risks and reduces their liability of damage costs.
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Pick your size

If you want to switch the size of shipping containers at any point of time, you can get it done without any hassles.
container rental calgary

Well-maintained containers all the time

We offer clean looking and well maintained containers on rent to our consumers. Also, we give them a choice to change any weathered looking container with a new container, if they don’t find it proper for their storage needs.


At Pro-formance, we offer an exemplary range of container leasing services at reasonable leasing rates for your moving and storing needs. Our platform provides amazing leasing options that will help in saving your time and money.

Consult our executives to learn about lease period, availability of containers, leasing arrangements, leasing cost and other essential information pertaining to your need for leasing a shipping container.

container drayage services
drayage service calgary


At Pro-formance, we take care of all your storage and moving needs. If you are looking for long-term container solutions, we offer you customized purchase options which enable you to buy the right one for your storage needs from our fleet of excellent storage shipping containers.

We strive hard to design the optimal containers by making right modifications with one objective i.e. Customer Satisfaction We offer you containers at best sale prices and a range of varied options that work best for your needs. You just have to convey your container needs and we shall be ready with best practical solutions. If you are in a dilemma or having any confusion, consult our executives to get the best possible answers. Avail the best offers on the sale deals and enjoy a fantastic buying experience with us.

Why purchase from Pro-formance?

Best delivery services

We strive hard to deliver your container with utmost care and safety to any location in Canada. We have the requisite street permits as required in the city of Calgary and other neighboring cities which make our deliveries faster as well as reliable.

Unrivaled prices

Compare the rental, lease or sale prices in the market and we assure you that we shall stand unbeatable. We offer transparency in all our sale or lease transactions and assure trustworthiness at every business step.

Satisfactory solutions

We understand the essence of your storage, moving, buying and shipping needs. We have designed effective solutions which allow you to make prior or ‘need-basis’ bookings for a container at economical prices. Our containers are resistant to bugs, water and vandals. We value your trust, so we put in great efforts to safeguard it.

Incredible business experience

Our support teams are available round the clock to answer all your queries, resolve all your concerns and address all your needs. The idea is to ensure you get a worry-free and exceptional experience.


Fill in what container you seek to buy or book for lease or rent and the services you need for your business or residential purpose. We shall get back to you with our best offer and quote as soon as possible.
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