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The PRO-fessional solution to your moving and storage needs!

As a long-standing leader In Canada’s container storage and intermodal transportation industries, we’re proud to continue our over ten-year-long tradition of helping customers by offering container rentals for portable moving and storage! 

Pro-formance’s primary commitment to our customers has always been providing a simple, yet personalized answer to their needs, and our approach to mobile storage and moving reflects that. Our flexible service can adapt to suit your unique circumstances and change as your plans change, so whether your needs are short -or long-term, involve moving a household or business, storage in a secure off-site location, or just easily accessible storage for your jobsite or business – We’ve got you covered!

What makes us different from other moving and mobile storage companies?

Canada has many other portable storage companies that offer a very similar service, so aside from our commitment to customer service and flexibility, what sets us apart?

Larger storage capacity

Our most common residential size is a 20’ Marine-grade container, which will typically hold the contents of a 2-4 bedroom home and is 44% larger than the 16’ containers offered by other storage companies like PODS and Cube-it. We also allow for 12,000 lbs of contents as opposed to most other companies that allow 4,750 lbs or less – ensuring that you can fit the entirety of your house into one container! The difference in quality is so significant that many restoration and construction companies choose shipping containers for their temporary storage needs over other alternatives.

Secure and weather resistant

While other companies use lighter-weight containers with aluminum sheeting and a steel frame which can make them susceptible to bending and shifting when loaded, our storage containers are shipping containers; This means they’re made entirely of CORTEN steel and come with a steel Lock Box to protect your padlock from bolt cutters. The swing-out doors with two-sided rubber gaskets ensure they’re also weather-tight and rodent-proof when closed, ensuring your contents stay protected throughout the ever-changing Canadian seasons.

Convenient access

If you need regular access to your items and saving time and gas is important to you, then portable storage is a fantastic alternative to mini-storage. No truck rentals and multiple trips to and from the storage facility required – we’ll deliver it right outside your front door! If you do need it stored at one of our secure facilities, then we can bring it back to storage until you’re ready to access it or have it delivered.

Pack and move at YOUR pace

Moving is a stressful experience, and a traditional moving company or Uhaul rental typically means one very stressful and fast-paced moving day. Our service rents by the month and allows you to take your time packing. No third-party movers to move and handle your valuables are required – so you can rest easy knowing that your contents are all accounted for and secured to your comfort!

How simple is the rental process? It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

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Containers can be placed almost anywhere, and we can deliver as far in advance of your move or project as you need, and you can keep it at your location as long as needed. Take all the time you need to pack and load your container.
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Once empty, or ready for the next step of your move, simply reach out and we’ll arrange to have it picked up! We can arrange to have it delivered to your new location, or store it at one of our secure locations until you are ready.
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Relax and unpack at your own pace. Once empty, let us know and we’ll pick up your empty container!

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